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Lost in lust, Colby’s vision blurred as he stared at Alec’s muscular chest, his hairy armpits, and his solid cock. He grabbed his dick and lubed it up. Alec raised his legs and rested them on Colby’s shoulders. Alec’s eyes rolled back in his head as Colby found Alec’s hole …

For His Pleasure Bundle #1

This bundle contains the seven For His Pleasure gay erotic short stories and one bonus novelette: FARM BUDS: In this erotic short story, Alec reveals to Colby that he’s wanted him for several months! THE TUTOR: Kyle agrees to tutor Graham in chemistry, but what he really wants is a …


In this erotic short story, Carl and Dan, chaste seminarians studying to become pastors, surrender to their passions and fall into the throes of passion and lovemaking while away from school.


In this erotic short story, Ben and his buddies make one of their friend’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies come alive by taking him prisoner and giving him a night to remember during a training mission.