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Josh looked lovingly into Brandon’s rolling brown eyes, licking his lips after rimming Brandon’s tasty hole for a solid twenty minutes, helping his fiancé naturally loosen up. He gently took Brandon’s legs and raised them up over his shoulders, and Brandon shifted on the bed to assist Josh with what …


In this erotic short story, Ben and his buddies make one of their friend’s deepest, darkest sexual fantasies come alive by taking him prisoner and giving him a night to remember during a training mission.

The Cabin

In this erotic short story, Jarrett and Pete struggle to keep warm in an unexpected blizzard. They discover how much fun it can be to snuggle in front of a roaring fire.

Santa Balls

In this erotic short story, office mates Trey and Brock, lonely and horny on Christmas Eve, discover how to keep warm together in a cold, Chicago snowstorm.