Josh looked lovingly into Brandon’s rolling brown eyes, licking his lips after rimming Brandon’s tasty hole for a solid twenty minutes, helping his fiancé naturally loosen up. He gently took Brandon’s legs and raised them up over his shoulders, and Brandon shifted on the bed to assist Josh with what came next. Tonight, the couple celebrated their recent engagement in a penthouse suite overlooking the Vegas Strip.

Scooting forward on his knees, Josh gently pressed his rock hard cock against Brandon’s hole, and his fiancé moaned with pleasure as he relaxed and began to receive Josh’s sizable and slicked dickhead.

As Josh patiently waited, he leaned forward and passionately kissed Brandon, their tongues swirling in the artful dance they had come to enjoy for the past three years. As they kissed, Josh gently pressed himself in.

Brandon’s breath hitched as his fiancé’s sizeble dick slid deeper inside and began to open him up.

With slow movements, Josh rhythmically thrust his hips forward and back, teasing his man’s hungry hole with his swollen dickhead, just barely grazing the edge of Brandon’s prostate.

Reckless anticipation quickly built within Brandon, and he moaned loudly.

“Fuck me harder, Josh.”

“Oh, I will.” Intense pleasure sparked in Josh’s throbbing cock as he slipped it in and out of Brandon with newfound determination, pushing it deeper with each thrust, carefully aiming and sliding his velvety dickhead over Brandon’s super sensitive prostate.

Brandon’s breath hitched and his body involuntarily spasmed with each willful glide of Josh’s cock, and his own dick leaked a copious mixture of clear precum and cloudy prostate fluid.

“That’s so hot,” Josh huffed, shifting his legs and aiming his dick at Brandon’s belly button so his lover would feel the full rush of every thrusting and withdrawing pass of his thick, hard cock.

“Faster,” Brandon whispered. Josh smiled and picked up the pace, tightening his arms around Brandon’s legs and holding them against his chest. Succumbing to his own passions, Josh wildly pounded Brandon and felt sweat rolling down his face and back.

Brandon’s erotic grunts transformed into a breathless low moan that intensified into a wail as Josh fucked him into a frenzy.

Suddenly, a milky white spray of rope cum leapt from Brandon’s dancing dick and splattered on his smooth chest.

“You’re cumming already?” Josh huffed, surprised.

“Prostate orgasm,” Brandon uttered back, gripping the sheets as a wave of ecstasy rolled through him. Several more long ropes of prostate cum splashed onto Brandon’s chest, and he continued moaning. “Oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck,” he cried out, his eyes rolling back.

“Hot,” Josh replied, feeling the fast-approaching climax building up behind his balls as his pulsing cock electrified with ecstasy. He swiped his left hand through the wetness on Brandon’s chest and smeared it on his own chest. Noting how slick it was, he ran his hands through the slick prostate cum again and then wrapped his fingers around Brandon’s long cock.

Brandon gasped and then cried out, “I’m gonna cum if you do that!”

“Good,” Josh replied, pumping Brandon’s cock with his slicked hand while fucking him senseless.

A moment later, Josh clenched his teeth as his orgasm exploded from behind his balls and the tip of his sensitive dick and spread like unstoppable wildfire. He grunted and the roared as he pumped load after load of creamy cum into Brandon.

At that moment, Brandon hollered as his dick erupted with such vengeance that sprayed ropes of hot white cum into the air and splattered across his face and hit the headboard behind him.

When their orgasms subsided, Josh collapsed onto Brandon, and they recovered in silence. After a moment, they kissed, the taste of Brandon’s salty-sweet cum on their lips.

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