eager hole

Cole approached the bed, his hard, bouncing cock already leaking strings of clear, sweet, and slippery precum. In front of him, Trent—one of the closeted football jocks from the local university—lay face down on the bed, his hungry, bare ass exposed and ready to receive what Cole had to offer. Trent had reached out to him on a hook app, sharing that he desperately need a good fuck before a tough football game that night.

Eager to help the young stud win the game by fucking away his nerves and worries, Cole invited him over and promised anonymity to protect the football star’s straight reputation. But now, on the bed in front of him, Trent whimpered in anticipation as Cole’s fingers caressed Trent’s thick calf muscles. Per their agreement, Trent wore a well-used navy blue jockstrap and promised to leave it behind after filling it with his creamy load for Cole to jerk of with later.

Cole climbed on to the bed and slowly made his way between Trent’s muscular legs, gently forcing them apart with his knees. Cole bit his lip, his eyes transfixed on Trent’s perfect pink hole. Light brown hair adorned it, the color matching the neatly trimmed pubes that surrounded Trent’s beautiful cock and low hanging balls. As the hair rose from the football stars crotch, climbed toward his navel, up his eight-pack abs, and spread over and across his muscular chest, it lightened into a beautiful reddish brown shade. There was also a small patch of reddish brown hair just above Trent’s sexy ass crack.

Cole gently settled into position, his lower shins resting on top of Trent’s muscular hamstrings. His throbbing cock leaked more precum, and Cole shifted himself so it dripped into the center of Trent’s waiting hole. He quietly milked his throbbing cock, squeezing out several large drops of slick pre-cum that mixed with the first on Trent’s opening.

Trent moaned with anticipation, and Cole tore open an XL ribbed condom packet and unrolled the condom onto his thick, eight-inch dick. After squirting a healthy amount of silicone lubricant on his cock, he placed his hands on Trent‘s lower back and gently leaned forward, inching his cock closer to Trent’s waiting hole. Some of the cool lube dripped from Cole’s dickhead and mixed with the glistening pre-cum.

Trent bucked his hips and whispered, “fuck me, please.”

Cole smiled and pressed his dick against Trent’s opening. The horny football star groaned with pleasure and relaxed his anus, and Cole gently thrust back-and-forth, pressing against and probing Trent’s hole, testing its resistance. Cole had both length and girth, something that intimidated even the bravest of bottoms. But Trent didn’t blink or question the size of Cole‘s dick, which told him the closeted football star secretly enjoyed bottoming and wasn’t scared of what was to come.

“Yes,” Trent uttered, arching his back so his buttocks rose and shifted toward Cole’s dick. Trent took a deep breath and exhaled, and Cole hesitantly pressed in.

Trent hissed, and Cole stopped.

“Fuck, you’re thick,” Trent whispered.

“We’re in no rush,” Cole softly said.

Trent silently replied by pressing his anus against Cole‘s entering dick, forcing it several inches deeper inside himself. Cole gasped, but Trent only moaned and swore as ecstasy rushed like lightening through his body.

“Well, okay then,” Cole whispered. He wrapped his fingers around Trent’s muscular hips and slowly thrust his own hips forward and back, forward and back, his meaty cock beginning the exciting and deliberate ritual of opening Trent wide enough to take all of his dick.

Cole pressed in further, and his swollen head found Trent’s velvety and sensitive prostate. The football star cried out with pleasure as the ridge of Cole’s hard dick rubbed over his prostate with every thrust, forward and back, forward and back. As Trent’s eager hole took more and more of Cole’s cock, Cole’s eyes rolled back in his head as waves of pleasure exploded and pulsed from his sensitive dick and crotch.

Trent’s hole was the perfect combination of tight and relaxed, allowing Cole to pick up speed and make his way deeper and deeper into the football star’s tight end. Moments later, Cole‘s balls slapped against Trent’s taint and the football star cried out in ecstasy with each long pull and thrust of Cole‘s enormous cock. Then, Cole’s pubes hit Trent’s muscular ass cheeks and the top smiled as he easily buried his dick in Trent’s ass.

“Christ, yes,” Trent cried out, gripping fistfuls of bedding as they fucked and the pleasure between them heightened. With each deep thrust, both men grunted and saw stars is the chemistry between them created sparks that insured they would be a next time.

Suddenly, Cole slowed and stopped, then gently pulled out.

“What’s wrong?” Trent asked.

“Nothing,” Cole replied. “Flip over.”

Trent smiled and quickly rolled over, grabbed his legs behind the knees, crunched his abs, and hoisted his ass into the air, eager for Cole to continue giving him the best fuck of his life.

Cole approached, grabbed Trent’s ankles, aimed his dick, and thrust it all the way inside until his pubes smashed against Trent’s tightening balls. The football star scream with pleasure, and Cole pulled 3/4 of the way out before slamming his dick all the way back into Trent, aiming for the bottom’s prostate.

“Fuck yeah,” Trent cried out. “Fuck me hard!”

A large wet spot had formed on the now-stretched jockstrap pouch. Trent’s dick begged for release from its fabric prison, but that wasn’t their agreement. Trent was to fill his jockstrap with his load as a keepsake for Cole, especially if Cole could make him cum hands-free, and based on the amount of precum soaking through the navy blue jockstrap, that moment wasn’t far away.

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