This story takes place in a medically advanced future. The only sexual health risk for people in this fictional world is a broken heart. This is not our world. Always be safe.

Ben walked over to one of the detention center’s lockers and rummaged through its contents. He grabbed the four lengths of chain and bunch of towels he and Jax had snuck in last week.

These will do nicely, he thought.

He returned to the holding cell and handed the chains to Rugger and Jax. In silence, they tightly bound the man’s wrists and ankles with towels so that the chains would not leave marks. In silence, three worked as a team and locked chains around Fenix’s wrists and ankles. Then Jax and Rugger lifted the deadweight of Fenix’s limp body to a standing position in the center of the room. Then Ben grabbed the chains tied to Fenix’s toweled wrists and secured them above his head, locking them into place so that Fenix’s arms were stretched upward and above his shoulders. In the same manner, they secured the chains connected to his ankles, spreading his legs as wide as they would go.

“I’m gonna need full access to that tight ass,” Rugger said, laughing as he smacked Fenix’s muscular buttocks.

When they finished with the chains, the three men stepped back and admired their handiwork. Fenix, immobilized, spread-eagled, and hung—literally and figuratively—was ready for his prisoner fantasy. His chest expanded gently with his unconscious breathing.

“Is it weird I find him so sexy?” Rugger asked, his cock twitching at half-mast as he traced a finger over Fenix’s strong biceps.

“Not at all,” Jax said. “I think he’s hot, ya know?”

“Yeah, but he’s your boyfriend,” Rugger answered.

“No, he’s the hot guy we get to play with and punish,” Ben said, reminding them of their fantasy role play. “This is about revenge. Remember what he uh, did to, uh, Jax.”

“Right,” Rugger said, chuckling. “What exactly was that?”

“I got that figured out,” Jax said. “During the first week of training, Fenix figured out I liked men and singled me out, berating me for any and every foible or mistake I made. He abused his power and subjected me to every punishment he could imagine. A few weeks later, during that crazy rainstorm we had, Fenix dragged my exhausted body behind the barracks, stripped off my clothes, and tied me to a tree. Then he beat me. A couple hours later, some of my squad mates went looking for me and found me. After freeing me from my bondage, they carried me to the medical station for treatment and recovery. That’s when we secretly plotted revenge and set our sights on Valhalla.”

Ben and Rugger stared at Jax.

“Did that really happen?” Ben asked incredulously.

Jax burst out laughing. “Of course not. It’s role-play.”

“It’s damn convincing role-play,” Rugger said, scratching his balls. “You should work in the propaganda department with story-telling abilities like that.”

“Thanks. Maybe I’ll put in for it.”

“All right, men. We’re gonna get our rocks off all over this motherfucker’s stupid face for the horrible things he did to Jax,” Ben said, trying not to laugh, but the other two laughed, anyway.

“Once we wake him up, there’s no going back. Either we get in serious trouble, or he learns his lesson well and never speaks of this event. Ever.”

“He won’t be turning us in.” Jax said, gently slapping Fenix’s left cheek.

“He’ll be so happy I did this for him. Besides, the only voice he will hear is mine.” Jax leaned down and picked up one of the longer towels. He folded it and then secured it around Fenix’s eyes, tying it behind his head. “He’ll never see who’s in here and so long as you guys don’t talk, he won’t hear who’s in here either.”

“Ok, let’s do this,” Ben said.

Rugger nodded and stepped behind Fenix. “I’ll take charge of his tight ass.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and winked

“I’ll play with his cock,” Ben said.

“I’ll help you,” Jax said. “Oh, and remember, I did say roughed up. So, you know…slap his ass and tweak his nipples.”

“Got it,” Ben said with a wicked smile.

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