treasure trail

Sam’s moans and yells tantalized Jack. He kept thrusting his hips upward and slammed his cock deep into his buddy. The tightness and warmth he felt were unlike anything he had ever experienced, and it brought him dangerously close to the edge once again. He looked up and watched as Sam grabbed his ankles and arched backward, helping Jack’s hard cock swipe over his sensitive hot spot.

Jack’s eyes glanced at Sam’s sweaty abs and followed his treasure trail down through his brown pubes to the rock-hard cock that danced in front of him. His eyes widened with surprise as precum flowed out of Sam’s swollen, purple dickhead and splattered on to his hairy abs. He put a hand under Sam’s dripping head as it gushed another load of creamy precum into his hand. Jack noticed how Sam’s balls had drawn up tight under the base of his cock. Jack realized, remembering how his balls would tighten up before he exploded while jerking off, that Sam was close to releasing his load. Jack wanted him to spray his cum all over his face and chest.

He grabbed Sam’s leaking and bouncing cock with his precum-lubed hand and started jerking it off. This caused Sam to moan even louder.

“I’m close,” Sam yelled. Jack gave Sam’s cock a few good tugs and then let go, just like Sam had done to him. Sam whipped his head up and smiled at Jack. “You jerk,” he struggled to say.

Jack only responded by pumping his hips faster and driving his cock deep into Sam. Once again Jack felt the fire of passion build quickly behind his nuts and he realized it was time to fill Sam with his load.

“Fuck me, Jack, fuck me hard!” Sam said, loudly moaning. Jack’s abs tightened and flexed as waves of pleasure shot like lightning bolts throughout his body as his cock gushed into Sam.

“I’m cum…unf…” Jack cried out.

“YES!” yelled Sam, “Yes, oh yes.”

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