sex by the fire

“My turn,” Pete exclaimed. He pushed Jarrett’s hand off his dick, grabbed Jarrett’s strong arms, and pulled Jarrett next to him. Then he gently pushed him back on to the blankets. Jarrett didn’t fight back as he rolled on to his back and clasped his hands behind his head, smiling at Pete.

“What are you going to do to me, mister?” Jarrett asked, playing innocent.

“You’ll see,” Pete answered, grinning. He covered himself with some blankets and covered Jarrett’s legs and waist with blankets, too, leaving only his upper body exposed. The fire had finally warmed up the cabin and their blood ran hot with sexual frenzy.

Pete propped himself up on his left elbow on Jarrett’s right side and made sure his dick pressed up against Jarrett’s right hip. Pete watched Jarrett’s cock throb under the blanket, making it bob up and down a bit, just like it had done the night before. He smiled and then started kissing Jarrett again. His right hand gently stroked Jarrett’s smooth chest and played with his erect nipples. Now, it was Jarrett’s turn to moan as he received pleasure from Pete, who gently grazed Jarrett’s upper body muscles with his fingers, exploring each one carefully. In the lukewarm air, Jarrett’s skin sensitized to Pete’s touch, and he took advantage of that.

Light brown trimmed tufts of hair adorned Jarrett’s armpits, and Pete didn’t ignore those. He gently ran his fingers though the soft hair, taking a moment to breathe in Jarrett’s manly scent. Jarrett turned his head and whimpered with each exploring caress of Pete’s fingers; over his arms, down his chest, and over Jarrett’s abs, each time getting closer and closer to the light brown happy trail that started at Jarrett’s cute belly button and traveled down to his dick.

Pete scooted lower and pulled the blankets down a bit, exposing only the head of Jarrett’s thick, eight-inch cut cock. Some precum had dripped down onto his abs already, and a giant drop of precum formed at the tip.
“Oh wow,” Pete muttered to himself.

Pete began caressing the beautiful cock head in front of him, gently swirling his index finger on it. It bounced and throbbed involuntarily at his touch. Pete smiled and became fascinated with this response. Pete focused on the sensitive ridge of the head and loosely wrapped his thumb and index finger around it and gently stroked the velvety dick head. Jarrett uttered a moan of delight and his dick leaked a sizable amount of precum that flowed down and lubricated Pete’s thumb on the sensitive top side of Jarrett’s head. He swirled some precum around the head and started to stroke it.

Jarrett moaned with enjoyment and grabbed at his hair while his dick leaked even more precum for Pete to play with.

“Damn,” Pete said. Without thinking, he bent down and licked the precum right off Jarrett’s cock and swirled it on his tongue. It was deliciously sweet, and he wanted more. Jarrett shook with pleasure under him as he slowly took Jarrett’s thick manhood into his mouth. He carefully worked it up and down, licking the head and swirling the sensitive head with his tongue.

Jarrett moaned loudly as Pete worked his tool with determination. He started tickling Jarrett’s balls and wrapped two fingers around them, tightening gently and tugging them away from Jarrett’s cock. Jarrett arched his back and cried out in ecstasy, his chest heaving with excited breath. Pete noticed this really turned him on so he kept doing it. He started working Jarrett’s tool with his mouth and his hand.

He felt something touch his hard cock. Jarrett reached for and grabbed Pete’s harden, sending a wave of pleasure pulsing through Pete’s body as his roommate started to jerk him off. The sensations of a cock in his mouth and a hand on his dick were enough to bring Pete closer to the edge of glory.

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