riverbend fuck

Lost in lust, Colby’s vision blurred as he stared at Alec’s muscular chest, his hairy armpits, and his solid cock. He grabbed his dick and lubed it up. Alec raised his legs and rested them on Colby’s shoulders. Alec’s eyes rolled back in his head as Colby found Alec’s hole with his lubed fingers and played with it. Alec shifted under Colby as he brought his pulsing, lubed-up dick up to Alec’s waiting hole. Colby could feel it throbbing inside the tight condom. They made eye contact. Alec smiled, and Colby smiled back. This was their moment. Years of desire and lust were about to be released in an epic riverside fuck.

He gently pushed and Alec exhaled, taking Colby inside him. Colby worked his dick into Alec’s hole smoothly and within seconds, he was three quarters of the way inside. Alec moaned loudly with pleasure and Colby saw Alec clench his fists. He looked at Alec, who nodded and said, “Fuck me, goddammit. Fuck me hard!”

“With pleasure,” Colby answered. He began sliding his dick in and out of Alec’s hole, fucking his buddy and fulfilling a fantasy long in the making. He leaned forward, folding Alec’s legs over his chest, and kissed Alec, who met his lips and tongue with an unmatched passion and desire.

Alec moaned loudly with each thrust and grabbed handfuls of towel in his clenched fists. “Holy shit,” he exclaimed. “That feels amazing. Your big cock is so much better than I thought it would be!”

Colby smiled, leaned back, and slowly unfolded Alec’s legs but kept them on his shoulders. Then he pushed his thick dick deep into Alec’s hole. Alec’s head flung back on the towel and he uttered, “Unf, yes! Fucking hell, yes! Yes, Colby!”

Sweat began to bead and run down Colby’s face, chest, and back as he began fucking Alec hard and fast, their wet, sweaty bodies slapping together in the afternoon son. He grabbed Alec’s super-hard cock with his lubed-up hand and began jerking his buddy off, timing his hand with the rhythm of his thrusting hips.

“Unf, yes! Fuck yeah, Colby!” Alec managed to say between yells and moans. So, he’s loud when he’s fucked, and I apparently I have thing for loud sex. This is so sexy!

“You’re so damn hot,” Colby said, slamming his dick in and out of Alec’s hole as the best friends turned lovers moaned and grunted with excitement and pleasure. As Alec’s became louder and his yells became more deliriously sex-crazed, Colby became hotter, hornier, and felt a staggeringly powerful heat grow in his tightening balls.

“It’s so intense,” Alec exclaimed, pulling at the hair on his head with his hands. “Please, Colby, flip me over,” he whimpered. Colby almost jizzed at the sense of Alec’s submissiveness. Though he liked when Alec helped sort out the farm chores, he loved Alec’s willingness to let him take charge as they fucked.

“Maybe,” Colby said, struggling to think clearly in the heat of the moment.

“Please,” Alec begged, still lost in the moment.

Colby smiled and pulled out of Alec, who quickly flipped over on to his knees and hands, eagerly offering his hungry ass to Colby.

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