his waiting ass

Graham reached down with his free hand and played with the sensitive, precum-covered foreskin that covered his throbbing head. Pleasure thrummed in his dick as a tingling behind his tightening balls began to excite him in a new way. There was something about Kyle that disarmed him tonight. Kyle wasn’t his usual, wham-bam-thank-you-man-one-night-stand guy. There was something deep inside him that responded to everything about Kyle.

With one more firm press on Kyle’s hot-spot, he slowly withdrew his finger and grabbed a condom and the bottle of lube. He released Kyle’s stiff cock from his mouth and stood up.

Kyle opened one eye and briefly relaxed for a moment. Graham reached behind him and simply said, “Turn around.”

Kyle obeyed. He pressed one hand against the wall and rested his forehead against it, pushing his waiting ass toward Graham.

Graham tore open the condom wrapper and pulled it out. Kyle whimpered with anticipation, a sound that made Graham’s dick jump as he rolled the condom down the length of his shaft. He snapped open the lube bottle and poured some on Kyle’s lower back, just above his smooth ass crack. Kyle tensed at the cold, but relaxed as gravity pulled the cool lube over his eager hole and balls. Graham used a finger to work some of the excess lube into Kyle, who impatiently moaned. Smiling, he poured lube on to his rock-hard dick and slicked it up.

Graham stepped close behind Kyle and let his hard cock rest between his checks. He poured a bit more lube into Kyle’s ass crack and then set the bottle aside.

“Please,” Kyle whimpered.

Graham slapped Kyle’s ass and then grabbed Kyle’s hips with his hands. He aimed his thick cock at Kyle’s hole and pressed gently, coaxing it open. As it relaxed, allowing for deeper entry, Graham slipped his swollen head into Kyle.

Kyle hissed. Not wanting to ruin the moment, Graham slowly fucked him, only using a few inches of his thick dick. He swiped some lube from Kyle’s backside and reached around, grabbed Kyle’s dick with his free hand, and slowly jerked him off. Kyle gasped as Grahams big dick and stroking hand worked him from both ends.

Though Graham could feel Kyle relax under him—allowing him to work a few more inches of his cock into Kyle’s ass—he felt Kyle’s dick swell and become harder in his hand. Deep within him, the heat of sexual frenzy began to intensify beneath his abs. Kyle shifted a little and put both hands on the wall in front of him. Graham adjusted his angle so that his controlled, slow fuck, swiped his throbbing cock over Kyle’s hot spot with each thrust. He matched the stroke of his hand on Kyle’s dick with each thrust of his own dick.

The tingling in Graham’s balls intensified and began to spread into his body. Wanting to prolong the experience more and not cum in the next ten seconds, he pressed his dick deeper into Kyle’s warm, relaxed hole.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me,” Kyle moaned, pushing back against Graham.

Graham smiled and took the liberty to push his eight inches nearly all the way in. He pulled out and slowly entered him again, this time pushing all the way in. Kyle yelled loudly “Holy shit, I’m close!”

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