daddy’s boy

Cromney wrapped his left hand around Alex’s chest and pressed his thick, nine-inch slicked dick into the twunk’s tight ass. 18-year-old Alex, kneeling on the cushioned white chair that once served as a prop for his nude photoshoot, held onto the chair back as Cromney entered him from behind.

Alex groaned with primal pleasure as Cromney gently stretched the twunk’s hole wide open with his thick, precum-leaking mushroom dickhead and slowly pushed his cock inside the quivering younger man. Cromney had just finished working him open with two lubed fingers, and now it was time for the hypersexual photographer to give this eager, horny model the best fuck of his life.

Cromney pulled back and with a low growl and when he pushed into Alex again, his swollen velvety dickhead inside gently grazing past Alex’s prostate. Waves of ecstasy cascaded through Alex’s body, and the smaller man gasped as the larger, muscular and hirsute man pulled back a third time and thrust in again, inching his massive cock deeper into Alex.

“Please,” Alex whimper, eager to take all Cromney inside him. Cromney—totally fulfilling his daddy fantasy, the kind he had masturbated to ever since he discovered daddy porn online two years ago—growled and gently bit his ear lobe.

Pleasure—like bolts of electricity—blasted through Alex as Cromney slow-fucked him to transform Alex’s tight hole into the hungry, eager hole that would take all ten inches of him.

Cromney had lied about his size and girth because a ten-inch dick often scared away even the most experienced of bottoms. But Alex, despite being a smaller man, didn’t flinch when he saw Cromney’s sizeble erection.

With one more partial withdrawal and an assertive thrust forward, Alex felt Cromney’s pubic area press against his tight ass, and he knew the older man was completely inside him. Cromney lingered there for a moment, then gently pinched Alex’s left nipple.

Alex cried out with delight and nearly blew his load on the spot.

“Not yet,” Cromney said. “I’m gonna fuck you good and hard, first. Then, and only then, will you cum for me.”

“Yes, sir,” Alex said, surprised at Cromney’s sudden dominance. And then Cromney pulled back and furiously fucked Alex, sending waves and blasts of pleasure through Alex’s body, from his ass, prostate, balls, and precum-leaking dick to the tingling nerve endings of his fingers and totally suckable toes.

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