shower delight

Max held Rémi‘s muscular body in his arms, his hard cock pressed beneath his lover’s firm buttocks. The hot water of the rainfall shower above them in the spacious and luxurious glass-and-tile two-person shower flowed over their bodies, washing away the day’s work and stress. The two men exchange few words, and only the occasional pleasurable moan signaled to the other both enjoyment and anticipation of exquisite ecstasy.

As Max gently thrust his nine-inch uncut dick past Rémi‘s sensitive and eager hole in the tight space between Rémi‘s thick thighs, his precum slicked’s Rémi’s taint and Max’s dickhead gently poked the back of Rémi‘s ball sack.

Max hunched forward slightly and planted kisses and little bites on the left side of Rémi‘s neck and shoulder. His right hand gently and firmly held Rémi‘s neck, and his left hand stroked Rémi’s very hard, eight-inch uncut cock.

The two men were not a couple, but regular lovers who came together whenever Rémi was in town for work—something that had become a monthly occurrence. Having met online with Scruff, they quickly discovered their shared stamina for passion and predilection for a long night of intense foreplay and flip-fucking.

Recently, whenever Rémi would be in town, both men would abstain from masturbating and hook-ups for a week. Max had suggested this so the anticipation of their experiences together would be heightened and their desire for sex that much greater.

Max toyed with Rémi’s foreskin and the man’s cock gushed precum onto his fingers, which Mac used to slick and tease Rémi’s velvety, thinning dickhead. Rémi mowed, and Max smiled.

“Careful, you’re gonna make me cum and I want your load inside me,” Rémi huffed. He tried to bend forward, but Max squeezed his neck and held him upright. At the same time, he vigorously stroked Rémi‘s long, hard dick. Rémi gasped as orgasmic pleasure sparked and surged outward from behind his balls. “Oh fuck,” he exclaimed as Max brought him to the edge of immeasurable delight. Max pulled his slick dick out from between Rémi‘s legs and pressed against his lover’s eager hole. Rémi’s breath hitched as he relaxed and welcomed Max’s hard nine inches inside him. Pleasure surged so his body as Max’s swollen dickhead rocked over Rémi’s prostate.

Max pulled his hand away from Rémi‘s cock and settled into a gentle thrusting motion, and Rémi moaned and whimpered as the timing of Max’s penetration pushed him into the first hands-free prostate orgasm of the night.

Rémi cried out in ecstasy as Max fucked him and Rémi‘s dick sprayed the steamy shower glass with a mixture of clear precum and several ropes of milky cum. A moment later, Max roared with animal passion as waves of pleasure searched through him and he pumped load after load of hot cum deep inside Rémi. After Max gently withdrew, Rémi turned around and wrapped his arms around the slightly larger man. The regarded one another with lustful affection and smiled.

“That’s one,” Rémi said, caressing Max’s strong back muscles.

Max smiled and gently tweaked one of Rémi‘s nipples. “I had no idea how much I needed that release. What do you say we dry off and go for round two?”

“I can’t wait,” Rémi replied with a mischievous smile.

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