orgasm denied

“Please sir, let me cum.”

“No, you’ve been a very bad boy,” his master replied. “You will not come until I say so.” Then he tapped several times on Tony’s balls, and the blindfolded and rope-bound man groaned with pain and pleasure.

As pleasure coursed through his body, his toes and fingertips tingled with the erotic anticipation of spraying his two-week load. Tony’s wrists strained against the intricate rope work that held him prisoner to the special bondage chair his master often restrained him for their edging sessions. His rock hard dick throbbed in protest and enjoyment against the silicone cock ring that wrapped around his dick and balls. A half-inch silicone ball stretcher snuggly held his tight scrotum in place.

The master’s well lubricated hand slid up and down Tony’s hard, pulsing cock, and more precum gushed from the tip of his supersensitive uncut 8-inch cock.

“Please,” Tony whined, but that only earned him a reprimanding smack on his balls. Tony groaned in pain, but the pleasure surging through his abdomen overshadowed any discomfort.

Then, sparks of orgasm ignited deep within his groin and he gasped. “I’m going to cum.”

The master’s hand gave his cock one more firm stroke and then vanished.

Tony’s breath hitched as a wave of orgasmic fire ignited behind his balls and swelled to the tip of his cock and sizzled up his eight-pack abs to his erect nipples.

The universe held its breath as Tony teetered on the precipice of orgasmic release. The muscles in his groin spasmed and his body shuddered. His toes curled and his bare feet pointed out, his bound legs quivering with anticipation. But no orgasm accompanied the warm spray of precum that splattered on his abs and dripped down his meaty, bouncing cock.

“What?” he uttered, confused by the twisted sensations of an unfulfilled orgasm roiling through his trembling body.

His master’s hand returned to his cock and gave it several pumps, pulling him back to the edge of orgasm before disappearing again.

Tony could feel his balls pulling against the silicone rig as the muscles within him vigorously and repeatedly contracted, trying to unleash torrents of cum. But only a blast of slick precum sprayed from his desperate dick and splashed on his chest and abs.

His dick throbbed.

His muscles quaked.

His skin flushed.

His heart pounded.

A moment later, the eminent sensation of orgasm faded.

His master chuckled. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, sir,” Tony huffed with a nod.

“Good, cause you’re not going anywhere for the next 30 minutes.”

Tony felt his masters hand swipe through the pre-cum the coated his chest and abs. A moment later, Tony smiled as his master’s precum-lubed hand return to his dick and stroked him, quickly bringing him back to the brink of bliss before disappearing once more.

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