Now in Paperback: For His Pleasure | Gay Erotica Collection, #1

Now available in paperback!

This is a boxset or collection of seven previously published gay erotic short stories and one bonus novelette. This collection include the following:

  • FARM BUDS: In this erotic short story, Alec reveals to Colby that he’s wanted him for several months!
  • THE TUTOR: Kyle agrees to tutor Graham in chemistry, but what he really wants is a one-on-one biology lesson.
  • ROOMMATES: Jack, one of the university’s star football players, yearned to come out of the closet and embrace Sam as more than his roommate and close friend.
  • SANTA BALLS: Officemates Trey and Brock, lonely and horny on Christmas Eve, discover how to keep warm together in a cold, Chicago snowstorm.
  • THE CABIN: In this erotic short story, Jarrett and Pete struggle to keep warm in an unexpected blizzard. They discover how much fun it can be to snuggle in front of a roaring fire.
  • PRISONER: In this erotic short story, set in the sci-fi future of humanity on a distant planet (similar to that of UNSC soldiers from the popular game Halo), Ben and Rugger agree to help Jax orchestrate his boyfriend Fenix’s deepest, darkest fantasy: to be taken prisoner, bound, and made to feel like the submissive man he is on the inside.
  • FORBIDDEN: Carl and Dan, chaste seminarians studying to become pastors, surrender to their passions and fall into the throes of passion and lovemaking while away from school.
  • BONUS NOVELETTE: UNTIL HE SAYS: Mike finds the courage to give in to his secret desire and invite a master into his life who can help him explore his submissive sexuality.

All characters in every story are 18+.

Fast Facts

  • Type: Box Set or Collection
  • Genre: Gay Erotica
  • Includes the following stories and the bonus novelette, UNTIL HE SAYS.

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