The Cabin

As Jarrett and Pete struggle to keep warm in an unexpected blizzard, they discover how much fun it can be to snuggle in front of a roaring fire.

Pete and Jarrett attend university together and live in the same dorm. When Jarrett discovered Pete couldn’t afford to fly home for winter break, he invited him to spend the two weeks off with him and his family in the north country of Maine. Pete readily accepted because he enjoyed the outdoors and knew they would spend time cross-country skiing and snow shoeing in the snowy wilderness.

Caught in an unexpected blizzard with dropping temperatures, the boys spend the night in the small cabin Jarrett built years ago with his brother and father several miles out from their house. With survival at the forefront of his mind, bisexual Jarrett and in-the-closet bisexual Pete make it to the cabin, strip off of their wet clothes, and start a small fire—none of which helps Pete shake off his mild hypothermia. Realizing Pete needs direct body contact for heat, Jarrett big spoons Pete under some blankets in the hopes of keeping him from freezing. As the fire they’ve built slowly warms up the small cabin, the guys discover how turned on they are as their naked bodies cling to each other for warmth. Unable to restrain himself any longer, shy Pete makes the first move and things in the small cabin heat up quickly between the college roommates.


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