Santa Balls

Lonely and horny on Christmas Eve, officemates Trey and Brock discover how to keep warm together in a cold, Chicago snowstorm.

With no family in the Chi-town area, Trey had become accustomed to celebrating the Christmas holidays with friends in Boystown. When Trey discovers that his office crush, Brock, will be alone for Christmas because of the airport closures, he decides to alter his plans—with a little prodding from his coworker Allison. Trey invites the shy, sexy, and muscular snowbound Brock to spend the holiday with him.

With the airports closed, Brock found himself trapped in one of the worst snowstorms he had ever seen. Desperate for company on Christmas, Brock accepts when Trey, the handsome, dark skinned, and sinewy coworker who caught his eye, offers him a home-cooked meal and a good time at Chicago’s infamous Sidetrack gay bar.

Neither man expects four feet of snow and cold weather to trap them in Trey’s apartment, where the lonely, horny men quickly figure out how to crank up the heat between them and stay warm all through the night.


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