roommatesJack, one of the university’s star football players, yearned to come out of the closet and embrace Sam as more than his roommate and close friend.

Jack and Sam, junior bio-science majors in college, met two years ago at the beginning of sophomore year, when Jack was supposed to have a single-occupancy room. That plan changed when a glitch in the college’s automated roommate system accidentally placed Sam in the female dorms. Though Jack resented having a roommate, he decided to make it work because Sam was smart and could help him keep his grades up. Football stardom carried enormous academic accountability and Jack couldn’t risk losing his full-ride scholarship. During the year, the Jack and Sam developed a friendship that grew close—very close, and both of them secretly longed for more.

When an accidental, lust-filled kiss exposes Jack’s true feelings, Sam is ready to help Jack explore his desires and connect with the man he’s wanted since the day he moved in with Jack.


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