The Tutor

Kyle agrees to tutor Graham in chemistry, but what he really wants is a one-on-one biology lesson.

Straight-A student Graham Richards never had chemistry with…chemistry. With his latest test score (a D-), the salt-and-pepper professor suggests he acquire a tutor to improve his grades and pass the class. Disappointed in himself (and his inability grasp chemistry concepts), Graham signs up for tutoring sessions at the college’s Academic Resource Center.

As it were, the really cute and flirtatious ginger behind the desk at the ARC with the bad puns turns out to be Kyle Parker, his official chemistry tutor. After ninety minutes of excruciating chemistry tutelage, sparks fly between Graham and Kyle as the chemistry formulas they studied jump from the pages of the textbook to the pages of explosive and sexual encounter as they study the biology of steamy, gay sex at Kyle’s apartment.


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